Customer-oriented reporting as Managed Service

Customer-related reporting of helpdesk services according to the agreed service level agreements (SLA) for service providers based on service and support tickets

This new Managed Service offer for the end-customer-related reporting of helpdesk tickets has been developed by amasol Consultants and is primarily aimed at medium-sized companies.

IT and communication service providers, system houses, SaaS providers, consulting firms, call centers and other service providers can easily document the support provided to their customers. A report related pricing model enables a quick and uncomplicated introduction to ticket reporting. It is usually very easy to prove the services of the Helpdesk in general. However, the challenge lies in delimiting the respective responsibilities of customers and service providers in reporting and presenting them in a comprehensible manner.

The Helpdesk's task is to solve customer queries and problems as quickly as possible. However, when it comes to the question of whether agreed response and solution times have been adhered to, the current helpdesk systems reach their limits. For example, delays that the service provider is not responsible for have to be deducted. In practice, reports are often created manually and tickets are simply 'corrected'. However, this inevitably leads to the fact that transparency and traceability of such a report fall by the wayside.

This is exactly the strength of our solution: You provide us with your ticket data and we generate the corresponding reports for your customers. Within the framework of a defined comment loop, the comparison is made with the regulations that you have made with your customers. All points for which you are not responsible are excluded. The final report thus complies with the contractual specifications and is completely transparent and comprehensible.

Transparency, customer satisfaction and cost efficiency in the service business are our standards: with our Managed Service, we make the functionalities of the Business Service Insight tool available to the broader market. The necessary investment for a dedicated service level management system based on Business Service Insight, a tool from CA Technologies, otherwise pays off only for larger companies and groups with corresponding service volumes. In this market segment, Business Service Insight is already the market leader today and has been used for service level management and reporting by many well-known large companies for years.

We are now contributing our many years of expertise in the area of SLAs and the outstanding performance features of the tool specifically for the economic success and service optimization of medium-sized companies. The Managed Service approach is also interesting for medium-sized companies because the monthly reporting effort can be directly allocated to sales and does not have to be fictitiously distributed over large investments or allocations.


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