DX AIOps Platform - Maximum Availability for an Optimum End User Experience

The motto is “customer-centered”. It is precisely this challenge that every IT department must face today because its work plays a central role in successful customer communication and interaction. Customers are becoming more and more demanding and demand continuous availability of business services in today's “always online” age.

With DX AIOps Platform, the IT department is able to use pragmatic methods to quantify the key success factors to ensure that all customer interactions are carried out successfully. The solution offers the opportunity,

  • to view IT operations more from a service perspective than from a component perspective,
  • Measure the success of the IT department's work based on how customers interact with key business services.
  • Simplify and streamline traditional IT management models by making operational silos or domains “collapse,
  • Leverage powerful analytics to transform IT's big data into actionable operational know-how.

DX AIOps Platform consists of four modules:

  • DX Application Performance Management
  • DX Infrastructure Manager

DX Application Performance Management (DX APM)

DX APM enables rapid monitoring, analysis and reporting of transactions, open questions and problems across the entire enterprise application environment (physical, virtual, cloud).
DX APM collects comprehensive data on application performance and alerts IT via Application Behavior Analytics to emerging performance issues. The data collected with DX APM can also be integrated with the following solutions:

  • CA LISA to accelerate application development and deliver ready-to-deploy applications
  • CA Capacity Manager to use CA Predictive Reliability to adjust investments to avoid budget overruns

DX Infrastructure Manager

DX Infrastructure Manager enables proactive management of the overall performance and availability of the enterprise-wide IT infrastructure with the goal of improving service quality, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

DX Infrastructure Manager provides fault detection, fault isolation, root cause analysis, configuration, and change management capabilities. Other features include performance management, traffic analysis, trend analysis, and proactive capacity planning for the entire infrastructure.

Additional features:

  • Scalable even for large, demanding environments
  • Reduced effort and shorter mean repair time through cross-domain correlation
  • Visualization of the overall system performance on a central dashboard
  • Quick access to the right data for well-informed decisions

Further information:
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