DX NetOps and AIOps for Network Infrastructures

Today, the IT department faces two major challenges: On the one hand, it is expected to deliver an optimal end user experience even via distributed systems (on-premises, managed services cloud). On the other hand, however, it can only achieve this through professional management of the most diverse network infrastructures: modern software-defined architectures, legacy systems that have been tried and tested in everyday operation for years, and linked multi-protocol endpoints.

With a combination of real-time monitoring and analyses based on machine learning technologies, DX NetOps from Broadcom significantly simplifies the complexity of these tasks. The solution uses a uniform high-scale network monitoring. The complete analyses made possible by this secure traditional architectures as well as software-defined and cloud infrastructures.

The network monitoring software DX NetOps converts measurement data into network inventory, topology and end devices as well as error, data flow and data packet analyses into information and findings that can be immediately implemented by network operations teams.

The platform is complemented by Broadcom's AIOps solution, which enables IT teams to deploy proactive, automated problem-solving capabilities across all applications, infrastructures and networks. This guarantees an even better user experience.

AI- and ML- technologies for network monitoring

Automated error detection, consisting of algorithmic noise suppression, anomaly detection and application-centric root cause analysis to the topology, lowers the MTTR.

Operation via a central user interface

A central portal with cross-platform operational dashboards provides seamless visibility between traditional, software-defined and hybrid cloud architectures.

Simple fault detection thanks to intelligent cause analysis

The complexity of modern network implementations is reduced, the MTTR decreases thanks to context-related transparency with high granularity.


SD-WAN network monitoring ensures platform availability and policy-driven application provisioning.


East-West traffic analysis and visualization provide information and insights about the entire data center.

Hybrid Cloud

Detailed packet and data flow analysis provides a holistic view of private, public or hybrid cloud workloads, network performance and cloud-based wireless technologies.

Carrier networks

Unified information on 4G/5G, NFV, cable and backhaul networks.

Future-proof thanks to “Advanced Scale

A market-leading big data monitoring and analysis platform ensures a successful digital transformation and further expansion of the network infrastructure.

Video about DX NetOps Manager


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