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CA Technologies, a Boadcom company, develops software that helps companies migrate to the application economy. Software is the focus in all industries and in all companies. From planning through engineering to management and security, CA Technologies works with companies worldwide to transform the way we live, conduct and communicate, whether in mobile, private and public cloud environments or in the home distributed systems and mainframe environments.

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CA Business Service Insight

CA Business Service Insight (CA BSI) ermöglicht das Performance Management für Ihre Service Level Agreements (SLAs) und IT-Services.

DX AIOps Platform

Most business processes in companies today depend on the availability of corresponding IT services. In practice this means: If a server goes on strike, the tapes of a car manufacturer, for example, stand still or the online shop can no longer sell goods.

DX Spectrum

Nowadays, the success of a company depends in many cases directly on the availability and performance of IT. Network and server failures have a direct impact on key business processes and therefore on profitability. DX Spectrum supports companies in monitoring their network infrastructure, servers and applications.


Complex applications today are delivered via a combination of different IT environments. These heterogeneous systems require a solution for application performance management that can look through all levels and recognize the impact on the network and underlying IT infrastructure.

DX Infrastructure Manager (formerly CA UIM)

Today, companies are faced with the challenge of being able to monitor and manage as many elements of their IT environment as possible.
DX Infrastructure Management is a powerful, easy-to-use platform that enables IT organizations and service providers around the world to manage and optimize their critical systems and services.

DX Performance Management

DX Performance Management is an integrated suite of tools for managing complex IT landscapes and business services across wide area networks (WANs) and data centers.

DX Virtual Network Assurance

Consolidation, cost reduction, automation, flexibility in utilization – these are the arguments and advantages that are usually mentioned for the virtualization of IT landscapes. DX Virtual Network Assurance is a scalable solution designed specifically to meet the needs of large enterprises.

DX NetOps Manager

Get unified, scalable network monitoring analytics for traditional, SDN, and cloud networks.