Technology Business Management

New IT for new business models

IT is in a state of upheaval: complexity is evermore increasing at an accelerate rate. Different operating models (in-house, managed services, Cloud) and services must be combined to form a powerful and agile platform that supports business in implementing digital transformation.

IT is changing from a classical, technical-based function to a department that is primarily a business enabler and service integrator, requiring strong management and planning skills. Service quality and reliability, as well as cost efficiency, are becoming the decisive evaluation criteria for their work.

Technology Business Management (TBM) provides the basis for mastering the increasingly complex requirements, especially in the area of control and management competence.

This is particularly important in order to:

  • Monitor and control the entire supply chain of external and internal services,
  • Ensure and prove timely, and quality-compliant performance for internal and external customers in the required quality.

Cost planning, control and allocation are further key competencies for the successful support of business processes by IT and are essential for keeping the costs of digital transformation under control.

Service Level Management

In order to generally avoid disputes with the consumers of the services provided – often purely subjective – clearly agreed goals and definitions of the services and their quality in the form of Service Level Agreements (SLA) are necessary.

SLAs enable objective control of delivery obligations based on jointly agreed measurement parameters. It is important that the degree of fulfillment of these agreements is fully monitored and documented.

“Good” SLAs ensure that the requirements are high enough to adequately support the customer's business processes. But they also ensure that performance obligations are not unnecessarily high, driving up the price of performance.

Cost planning, control and allocation

Cost transparency is the second essential topic of Technology Business Management. The aim is to use the right tools that enable professional planning, control and allocation of IT costs. This is the only way to ensure planning for the future.

Cost optimization and correct cost allocation ensure that the specified budget frameworks are adhered to. The ever-increasing dynamics in IT usage, especially using SaaS and Cloud services, is exposing many companies to ever-increasing challenges in cost management. Choosing the right tools is mission critical to meeting these challenges.

Customer-focused tool selection

The key to the success of Technical Business Management projects lies in aligning the TBM solution as closely as possible with specific customer business skills and the existing tool landscape.

The amasol team combines its many years of expertise with market-proven tools such as Digital Fuel from Apptio or Clarity Business Insight (BSI) from Broadcom – CA Technologies with comprehensive know-how in the integration of innovative solutions such as Apptio, ServiceNow and Splunk.

Supplemented by amasol's best practices and in-house developments such as fusionPOINT Service Management Reporting, TBM from amasol provides the basis to ensure project success for the customer.

Product Overview

IT cost management SLA management from contract perspective
Products Apptio Apptio Digital Fuel, CA Business Service Insight, fusionPOINT Service Management Reporting


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