IT Infrastructure Management

Today for many companies the failure-free operation of their IT infrastructures has become a question of survival. Unfortunately, system breakdowns do not stop at the company’s borderline, but may also affect customers and business partners and negatively impact long-term business relationships.

In addition, continuously changing market conditions pose continuously new challenges to an enterprise IT infrastructure. A smart integration of existing IT systems and modern IT innovations is the only way to secure a competitive advantage as well as investments.
amasol solutions enable you to seamlessly organize your IT infrastructure. Maximum scalability, security and availability today are a “must”. Our services help you to optimize your IT systems in a way that guarantees a hassle-free and efficient operation of your business processes.

Therefore, amasol provides concepts, strategies AND solutions. This means that we not only will advise you but also implement, operate, train and deliver first level support which leaves us accountable for successfully realizing the concepts we designed together with our customers.

For our services we rely on products of the CA Service Assurance portfolio including CA Spectrum for fault management and CA IM 2.0 solutions for performance management. Another key element is the Dynatrace APM Suite that plays an important role for application performance management as well.

Our focus is on customer value at any time. What does this mean for efficient IT Infrastructure Management?

  • Quality improvements by continuously monitoring key parameters
  • Cost reduction by facilitating the problem resolution
  • Targeted trend analysis for better planning
  • More capacities for innovation due to discharge of operating resources

Make or Outsource – That's the point …

Operation and further development of an enterprise-wide IT infrastructure in general do not belong to the core competence of most companies, although due to its direct impact on the core business processes the IT infrastructure gets a more and more strategic character. This leads to a tension of complexity, project management, stress and cost control, which will become a dilemma for the IT executive: It is equally important to maintain maximum availability and to meet the cost reduction requirements. As a consequence to be able to provide a future-proof enterprise IT, IT Infrastructure Management has to reach several goals at the same time: reduce operating costs, strengthen the IT service orientation, guarantee maximum security and foster the integration of new projects. This asks for consistent internal standards, best practises such as ITIL (“IT Infrastructure Library”), new overall IT management systems and last but not least the outsourcing of IT management tasks to external service providers.

amasol will assist you in outsourcing respectively operating your infrastructure solution. With our service portfolio tailored to your specific needs we will help you to monitor your infrastructure and to keep your solution up-to-date at any time.

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