amasol – the Ideal of Optimum IT Operations

The importance of IT within a company is measured today by its contribution to the business. As an internal service provider the IT department is responsible for continuously guaranteeing optimum IT operations and for delivering the best end user experience possible for business-critical applications.

The same is true for IT service providers and their external customers.

amasol AG, an IT service provider based in Munich, Germany, supports its customers in

  • Being able to keep their promises to their “customers” (i.e. end users),
  • Providing evidence for their services based on objective monitoring parameters,
  • Operating their IT in the best way possible, i.e. with a maximum availability and performance at minimum costs.
  • Enhancing the communication between the end user/business unit and the IT department.

For this reason amasol follows a multi-tier approach including

In the last more than ten years, together with its customers, amasol has developed the ideal of optimum IT operations. This idea will be translated in action with a “technology journey” until an IT-as-a-Service based on a fully dynamic data center will be reached. Depending on the individual technological starting point of each customer amasol will act as a “tour guide” until his specific ideal of optimum IT operations will be completed.

For realising this ideal amasol selects “advanced management solutions”, i.e. products and services meeting the following criteria:

  • Market-proven and technologically leading
  • Scalable for all sizes of companies
  • Quickly to implement with a provable ROI within the shortest period of time

amasol’s added value for its customers:

  • Active in the IT business since 1999
  • Full responsibility taken for selection, purchase, implementation and the successful operation of IT solutions,
  • Support during a solution’s full life cycle from operating support to managed service,
  • Support for call for projects based on a long-standing project experience
  • Vendor independence and solution neutrality
  • Partner of market-leading vendors such as CA, Dynatrace, Apptio (formerly Digital Fuel), Extrahop, or Moogsoft
  • amasol sees itself as a “customer’s advocate” in the cooperation with the vendors
  • High support self-resolution rate leading to short response times as well as effective vendor escalation of serious problems
  • “Partner delivered“ support based on highest vendor satisfaction level. amasol is entitled to deliver “partner delivered” support for all its vendor partners which requires broadest knowhow and continuous vendor certification


For further questions and information please contact

Emeline Degraeve
amasol AG
Campus Neue Balan
Claudius-Keller-Straße 3 B
81669 München
Tel.: +49 89 1894743-23